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  • qxeen_desiree
    How old is she - 23 days ago
  • issaprincesskiya._
    Ok i really dont give a fuck anymore buhh thanks hun @rennysworld - 23 days ago
  • rennysworld
    Your a dumb ass because thats her FRIEND baby not her girlfriend . @issaprincesskiya._ dummy - 24 days ago
  • issaprincesskiya._
    @dpntweryboutit you a dummy she saying her gf had him with a man before they were together dumb ass - 28 days ago
  • zia_biamaragh2
    That boy is not her son she's talking about her friend that is his mom and she's saying that they both made two cute babies - 29 days ago
  • champangemamiz
    aww your children are so beautiful - 1 month ago
  • hazelmosthated05
    What is Alana mixed with? - 1 month ago
  • grace.gonzalez__
    @dejauhmarree thank you ! - 1 month ago
  • dejauhmarree
    @grace.gonzalez__ go check out @bouncecurl by @mismmo for your hair - 1 month ago
  • jniee_boo
    So adorable! - 1 month ago
  • ariakms
    I want my babies to look like them - 1 month ago
  • ashleyfdoe
    You guys made some beautiful children - 1 month ago
  • ashleyfdoe
    - 1 month ago
  • grace.gonzalez__
    Ur daughters hair is amazing !!! My hair use to be like that but now it's dead , do u think u could help me out and tell me what u use in ur daughters hair !! Thank u so much ! - 1 month ago
  • britty.brewer
    Our little teddy grahams some of these comments are so fuckin ignorant you are a wonderful mother!!! - 1 month ago
  • ulu_lani
    They so cute... - 1 month ago
  • _ericcervantes
    @govannnn - 1 month ago
  • tiffany9636
    Man I see so much pettiness in these comments. Like does it matter. Girl your family is beautiful and your daughter is gorgeous. You are a awesome mother. I love seeing pics of your family on IG. Stay blessed. @c.ourtneywest - 1 month ago
  • odd.steph
    Look how cute this little girl is @janielliz_ - 1 month ago
  • edizls
    people is full of hate now days Let's just spread love and enjoy life and do what we gotta do we our own lives Vive y deja vivir God's love is for everyone - 1 month ago
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