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  • kako_maughan
    Aww she is stunning πŸ˜™ - 1 day ago
  • herrnamekay
    Do she even kno what dat sign means - 4 days ago
  • leannecabreraa
    Her eyes - 9 days ago
  • realvrog
    Damn she smashable - 1 month ago
  • asianpersuasian94
    How does she have blue eyes OMG does her father have light eyes? - 1 month ago
  • mixed.is.beauty
    @c.ourtneywest can u follow me - 1 month ago
  • wavyy_jessica
    - 1 month ago
  • bunnyluverspamz
    SOOOOO CUTE - 1 month ago
  • berrymycherry
    Soooo adorable !! - 1 month ago
  • haazelgarcia
    ! - 1 month ago
  • audmonkey15
    How old is she? @c.ourtneywest - 1 month ago
  • xsmking
    - 1 month ago
  • helamayano
    @wet_surpremex how big do you feel? Saying a CHILD isn't cute on her own post. Grow up. - 1 month ago
  • helamayano
    @wet_surpremex why are you judging a little girl like that anyways? What was the point of commenting what you did? Jesus, how can people follow people just to leave mean comments. - 1 month ago
  • hope_avakin2
    @most.hated.niecey again... i was JOKING GOD DAMN - 1 month ago
  • most.hated.niecey
    @wet_surpremex you right it's your opinion but if it's gonna be a hate keep it to ur damn self πŸ™„ - 1 month ago
  • mariahg719
    So cute lol - 1 month ago
  • itszaw
    I met this little beauty the other day and she didn't know me from Adam and played with my daughters and I like she'd been knowing us for years #Precious - 1 month ago
  • glitterbutt.page
    Omg she is so pretty if she is going to be older like 16 all guys fell love with her so beautiful - 1 month ago
  • hope_avakin2
    @most.hated.niecey ?? Dumbass? Stating she isn't cute is calling her ugly? Do u know how stupid that sounds... if i dont think shes cute its my opinion.. doesn't mean shes ugly... i just dont see her as... adorable in my term.. so proceed being the bitch u are.. i still support this little girl tho .so it is what it is. - 1 month ago
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