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  • lpetitesfleurs
    @salehasamad the deciem website explains it so much better than I can - 9 days ago
  • salehasamad
    @lpetitesfleurs can you please share what bufdet and azelaic acid are for - 9 days ago
  • askafacialist
    Their azelaic is fantastic! Texture is fab as well, esp for acne prone skin types. - 11 days ago
  • jmpcorn1
    I am loving the products! - 11 days ago
  • jackets_beauty_blog
    Loooove - 11 days ago
  • georgie_minisandmore
    I use the buffet and I also bought the argon oil which I put in the ends of my hair the night before I wash my hair @lpetitesfleurs xx - 11 days ago
  • spanish_bird
    @jennysunday oh bless you cheers I will do! - 11 days ago
  • jennysunday
    @spanish_bird then there is an option to ask a regimen related question. Took about a week to receive a reply but they're very helpful - 11 days ago
  • spanish_bird
    @jennysunday I'm going to sound stupid now but where abouts on the website would you go to? Never noticed it before! - 11 days ago
  • jennysunday
    @spanish_bird from deciem - it's pretty thorough and helpful - 11 days ago
  • spanish_bird
    @jennysunday did you get the email from Deciem or Victoriahealth? - 11 days ago
  • spanish_bird
    Love this range, I know a lot of people don't get on with them but I really like them! - 11 days ago
  • mimid_marobu
    Aww you're so sweet! and 12hrs! Wow! That's quick. Azelaic Acid is on my list!! So curious how you think.πŸ€” - 11 days ago
  • jadeharwood81
    @lpetitesfleurs we ordered the same things !!! How's the PD Gracie ? @victoriahealth - 11 days ago
  • just_claire_page
    I actually think they are good! Love lactic acid, the retinol 2%, azelaic acid and a few others! I thought I would hate them. X - 11 days ago
  • emmahbeautyuk
    My boyfriend uses this range (when he's not pinching my Zelens and DDG πŸ™„). He has the Retinol, Lactic Acid, Vitamin C- which he's not to keen on- and the HA serum. X - 11 days ago
  • okhrys
    skincare always makes the best gifts for moms. my mom is now hooked on facial oils. - 11 days ago
  • postgradbeauty
    I've been getting the ordinary products for my mom too! Haha she writes the order to use them in on each one since the packaging is so clinical, but she's really been liking them too! - 11 days ago
  • jennysunday
    I've just got an email from them with a recommended regime for my skin type so off to order a couple more things now - 11 days ago
  • charl_0204
    @lpetitesfleurs my mum tried the HA and it dried her skin out so she can't use that but thinking of the Peptide. - 12 days ago
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